Requirements and Distance

Hence my thesis will be in English my mentor asked if I would write my blog posts in English as well. So he can give give me pointers to improve my writing, because at the moment I write a bit to informal. Any reactions from you the reader are welcome as well as it will only improve my writing so I can deliver at the end a well written thesis.

First a little heads up. I have been looking into the maximum distance between volunteers and the victim. I will not go into any details about this here, if you really want to know how I arrived at my conclusion just ask me or read it later in the thesis. But we arrived at a maximum distance of one kilometre, just as most of the other projects out there. We also started this week with drawing the first mockups. Now I will post the requirements section out of the thesis.

This section will only cover the requirements of the application, any design decisions or technical aspects will be discussed in a later chapter.
The application will consist out of five main components:

  • The notification of an emergency
  • AED locations
  • Events
  • Information
  • Tracking

When a notification of an emergency arrives, the phone must show it to the user. This event should alert the owner of the phone with visual and audible aids. The user should then be able to confirm he has seen the message and is ready to respond. After he confirms, the phone should show directions and distance to the victims location. It is also possible there isn’t shown a direct route but the route has a stop before arriving at the victim, this will happen if the volunteer is sent to an AED location before sending him to the victim. Before the confirmation of reading, the identity of the volunteer is unknown, once confirmed, his identity will be known and stored for possible later reference.

AED locations
The application will show the location of AEDs in the vicinity, using the current GPS location of the volunteer. Therefore allowing the volunteers to familiarize themselves with the locations of these AEDs. Thus when an emergency situation occurs he has already an idea where to find them.

It is required for all volunteers to refresh their knowledge of CPR every year. The application will help them find courses or information sessions that can be useful for their engagement.

If a volunteer wants to briefly refresh their knowledge about CPR or how to use of an AED, he should find a link to a tutorial for CPR or how the use an AED in the application. This can be useful if he forgot some details and doesn’t need the whole course again, he just wants to look up those facts. The application also provides a legal document about the duties and rights as volunteer. Off course the volunteer should have read this before joining the program, but he should also be able to reread it as well. In the application, users also find a bit off information about the EMuRgency program.

The volunteers’ locations will be uploaded to the server on periodic times. This off course happens behind the screen and the volunteer doesn’t notice anything. It only happens periodic thus reducing server and client load. The volunteer’s identity isn’t known when uploading the current location.

These are the five main components. There are other requirements, like a volunteer has to be able to login before he can use the application, but such requirements are less interesting to discuss and obvious so we will leave them out.


One response to “Requirements and Distance”

  1. Gonzalo Parra (@gaposx) says :

    Straightforward and easy to read. I think AED locations is a sub-component of the Notification component (also, I suggest to call it differently).
    Would like to see some paper prototypes soon 😉

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