Next step with mockups

This week we’re going to finish the mockups and start evaluating them. We are going to evaluate them by using the System Usability Scale and invite 10 random people to perform some tasks. For example give them the application and ask them to find the legal document or to look at AED locations near them. Another important task will be what to do if an emergency notifications arrives. These 10 random people will have to represent the general population of users. So we won’t be asking fellow computer science students to perform those tasks. Because let’s face it, computer scientists have a lot of experience using applications and finding the information they need. Off course it also wouldn’t be appropriate to evaluate this application by asking users who don’t have any experience at all with the use of a smartphone, hence this application is built for one. My parents for example would be good guinea pigs to evaluate the application, they are in their fifties have an Android phone and an iPad but aren’t very experienced with computers and using applications. But I will evaluate the mockups on other people as well and of different ages. After we have done that, we can maybe improve the application and make some alterations to the design.

Furthermore I have looked at the code from the German project group. But it’s hard to understand what they were trying to do. I can’t import their project, there is no .apk file to install the Android application onto my device. Also weird name giving in the code, and lots of files and packages don’t make it any easier understanding their work method. At first glance I got the impression they worked with Sockets. I will ask them why, because at the moment I don’t see any need to have bidirectional communication between server and device. Once the server has sent out a notification to the devices, is there any need for the server to ask the client for information? Why not just let the client contact the server afterwards via REST and update its GPS location? And when there is no emergency going on and the client just needs to update his location at certain time intervals, again why does the server want to contact the client? My mentor has a meeting with the German project team, I hope I will get answers on why they did it this way and not to choose for a simpler approach. 


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