Scale of Usability

This week we finished up the mock-ups and started asking potential users to perform some tasks and fill in a scale of usability. The main results were good no real changes will have to be made to the application. The only thing that was confusing for the users was the term “Events”, when I asked to show me CPR courses in their neighbourhood some of the users went looking under Information instead of Events. So I asked if it would be better to change that to “Courses and Session” and they agreed that would be a more suited term. Below you’ll find a link with the pdf of the scans with mock-ups and some of the forms filled in by the users.

Besides that I have started to make some of the screens in Xcode using storyboards. This would be a nice start for the application later but also a nice demo to show at the presentation I have coming up in December. Perhaps when it is done, I’ll show make a video of it and post it here as well.

Mockups and users Evaluation


One response to “Scale of Usability”

  1. Gonzalo Parra (@gaposx) says :

    Would like to see SUS score you got for your prototype. Should be an interesting way to compare evolution from your paper to digital prototypes.

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