Digitizing mock-ups and layout.

I decided not go with the standard maps provided by Apple. This because it isn’t all that accurate and there are some major flaws in the maps. So I wanted to go for a Google Maps implementation. So I looked up how that works with xCode. For showing the AED locations on a map it’s pretty straight forward and that has been imlemented now. For the route and the navigation part it’s a bit trickier. I was able to set the waypoints on the map, get the route from Google and draw a line between the points. Off course this isn’t enough. The line you traversed should disappear and the map should be rotated in the direction your headed. If you change course the route should be redirected. All of this isn’t implemented yet but I’m looking into that. 

Furthermore I sat down with a friend of mine who is a Graphical Designer. Yesterday I got his first proposition and it looked very promissing. I asked him to give me the images  and fonts he used so I can use his design in the actual implementation. I hope I will get it in time for the presentation. I won’t be showing his proposition or the actual design implementation (if I get it in time) before the presentation. I want to keep it a surprise.


2 responses to “Digitizing mock-ups and layout.”

  1. Gonzalo Parra (@gaposx) says :

    Curious about the proposition you got..

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