Overall I got to say all the presentation looked interesting. I thought my presentation went quite well and got some positive feedback. Some remarks for the future regarding the presentation:

  • If you make a statement, or a comparison, make sure you can back it up on the spot.
  • When looking into other projects, state what you have learn from it.
  • Make to PowerPoint more interesting by adding pictures.
  • Next time add the score from the SUS evaluation.

Some other remarks regarding the project itself:

  • Maybe use the KuLeuven network for testing the application.
  • Don’t rely on a waterfall system, but use more an agile approach.
  • Put in a timer that show time till you get to the victim.

Quite happy with the feedback I got and I will remember these things for the next presentation. Below you find a link to the presentation and a link to the YouTube footage showing the digital GUI.

Presantation December – Michel Schevernels


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