Evalution Digital Prototype

The evaluation process was about the same as used for the paper prototype. I asked people who are not in computer science to perform some tasks with the application and afterwards made them fill out the System Usability Scale. The tasks where about the same as before for example show me all the AEDs nearby on a map, show me the legal information document, a notification about a sudden cardiac arrest case comes in what do you do, … 

I noticed I haven’t published the actual SUS score of the paper prototype, it was 85 percent. Which is a good score, you need a score of 68 to be average so 85 is well above average. I know it might not be the fanciest of designs but it seems to work intuitively and that’s the main goal here! With the digital prototype the scores was slightly better with a score of 87,5 percent. This is likely dough to the fact they could actually press buttons and that my drawing skills aren’t that great!


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