I have finished making a MySQL database. This for the users to log in, to store their whereabouts and for the pushing of the GPS location and linking an iOS token to a person. Furthermore I have set up a web service that works with JSON, this service the device will access for doing all the things I mentioned above. This web service is done although not all the functionality has been tested, will explain later why. The web service uses stored procedure of the MySQL database so in the web service no queries are defined. These procedures have been written as well although again not all of them where tested.

Why is not everything tested? Because I am still working on the push notification server. I have wrote the client code for connecting to the push serve, but not the server code. Therefore the devices don’t get iOS tokens. These tokens are necessary for pushing the notification and updating their location and so on.

I also wrote a query for the decision system based on the pushed GPS location. The query will return all tokens and their location ordered by distance between them and the victim it will also show the update time. The push notification will have to retrieve these information remove all the users with a distance larger than one kilometer and also those entries whose updates where to old.

So there is still a lot to do. First the push server has be implemented, working on that as I wright this. Then the decision system has to be implemented. The decision based on the victim’s location and the pushed GPS location is easy now based on the query, but then the AED locations have to be integrated, so the users are routed first (if possible) to the nearest AED. Also if there aren’t enough users we will use their whereabouts stored in the database as well. After this is all done, implement it in iOS so the devices know what to do when a push notification comes in, maybe check again if they’re really in the neighborhood and then testing.


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