Decision system

I finished the decision system. I will explain the working of the system during my presentation on Wednesday. I checked most of the queries, not all of them, the simple update, insert and select queries will be automatically tested once a client is linked with the web service. So there is no need to spend time checking them now. The more difficult queries that support the working of the decision system have been tested however and all work. So the backend is as good as done. I also started with the push notification server. I can send messages now to the devices, I just need to pass the information needed for an emergency case and that part is done as well. Will try to finish this before the presentation and maybe implement what the client needs to do when a message is received. Don’t know if I will finish this in time for the presentation. But I am glad the back end stuff is as good as done and we can start linking the client with the web service.


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