I thought my presentation went well. The feedback I got was mostly about the presentation itself or about some extra features I could consider. But not much criticism towards my work itself, which is always nice.  In the next presentation I will try to make the figures explaining the decision system more easy to understand and not use 3D objects anymore. Also I think I may have gone a little too fast when explaining because it seemed at the amount of questions I got it wasn’t al clear how it all worked. So I will try do this better in the future. 


13 responses to “Presentation”

  1. gertvanwijn says :

    I had to miss your presentation, which I regret, because I think you’re working on a very interesting concept.

    However, I took a look at your slides instead and you indicated that updating the GPS-location in the background was a difficulty. I had to the same in my application and I did it quite like described in this post:

    If you need someone to test with, you may always contact me.

    I also need testers (with an iPhone 🙂 ), so if you want to participate in my research, you can subscribe here:


    • michelschevernels says :


      Yes I saw your code, however copy pasting it didn’t quite work.
      Your code is for in a viewcontroller, I want to do it in the app delegate.
      Also you mean running in the background as something that runs in the background while your app is open.
      I also want it to work when you minimize the app, therefore you also had to do something in the Info.plist.
      Also tried to use the allowdeferredLocationUpdatesUntilTravelled function for this, so I could set a timelimit for the update, in the hope of reducing the battery consumption.
      But in the app delegate this doesn’t seem to work and the app just crashes.
      Now i check manually if the newLocation timestamp is 4 minutes younger than the last update before pushing it to my database.
      And yes maybe I will contact you if I start with the testing, but first I need do to some final implementing.
      If I have time I will also participate in yours, however I am in Applied Informatics so I only have like 15 hours a week I have to spend on my own thesis.
      But if there is time I would like to participate in yours, or if I can do it at home, I will do that as well.

      • gertvanwijn says :

        You only have to spend a couple of minutes each day to enter what you’ve eaten and which activities you did. You do this for 2 weeks and you also fill in three questionnaires (which all take about 5 minutes).

        So all together, this will cost you 20 minutes a week ..

        When you complete all this, you have a chance to win 2 movie tickets!

      • gertvanwijn says :

        So I guess you will not participate? 🙂

        Thanks anyway!

    • michelschevernels says :

      Yes I will, my appologies, I will try and enter so accurately as possible. But I can’t promise I wont forget some days. As you see I already forgot to reply 😛

    • michelschevernels says :

      No problem, I completely understand. I intended to reply, but somehow I got distracted and forgot to subscribe.

    • michelschevernels says :

      Quick question but i am trying to fill in your questionnaire, but I haven’t used version One. When i select No, It still asks what my username was in One. Does it matter what i fill in there?

      • gertvanwijn says :

        You should install HealthifyOne and choose a username.
        By giving me this username I can afterwards follow your input and the differences between your input in HealthifyOne and Healthify!

    • michelschevernels says :

      How do i obtain the app? It isn’t in the appstore.

    • michelschevernels says :

      Allright it has been done, I will try to remember to fill in what kcals I have consumed.

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