Server side update

I decided to add a little functionality in to the server side, making the testing and evaluating later on a bit easier. Now the web service can provide the gps pushes of all the volunteers notified for a specific emergency case. So you can track their progress. I will also do a small client side update tomorrow, when an emergency case is going on you won’t update your gps location every 5 minutes but every 10 seconds. So we can more accurately track the moments of our volunteers when they are rushing to a victim. Furthermore, added a website to the web service, where you can enter in the emergency case you want to track and you will see the victim displayed on the map and the volunteers that were notified. The site will refresh every 5 seconds the volunteers location, this making it easy to show their progress.

Tomorrow I will implement this change about the gps pushing in the client side. And try to finish some other stuff like notifying you have arrived at the scene or redrawing of the route to the victim while moving.


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