Client side update + change web service

As mentioned in my previous post I will now update the location of the user every 10 seconds when he is in an emergency situation. Otherwise every 5 minutes his GPS location will be pushed. And the device will notify the server when he is in an emergency situation and is near the victim (50 meters). Furthermore I saw there was a small bug in the web site I made yesterday for tracking users in an emergency case, I fixed that. The web service, as requested by Gonzalo Parra now works with a .properties file for accessing the MySQL database. He also asked that I look in to an error with .sql script I sent him for the database which I did. I also looked into how to produce a war file, I tried making this, and next Thursday I will go through this with Gonzalo Parra and hopefully deploy this .war file.

I have to add a custom back button in the application and also redraw the screen. But that will have to wait until Friday. I’m also going to examine how I’m going to build the thesis text.


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