More difficulties

More difficulties came to the surface when trying to deploy on the servers. The proxy server isn’t making it easy. To reduce the difficulties I have been asked to update the java push server library to a later model because newer versions allow for providing proxy settings. Unfortunately the newer version isn’t backwards compatible meaning the old code doesn’t work with the new library. You really have to make a lot of adjustments to the code. But now the system should run better. It now has a queue with multiple reads pushing the notifications in the queue to the devices, which adds a level of performance and that is nice! Also the code is now less complicated and you don’t have to specify the Apple host or port. Too bad these nice things came at the cost of changing code in the web service. However this doesn’t solve our problem, the notification is send but it doesn’t reach the device. Gonzalo Parra will look into this why this is happening it is not a program error but something to do with the server as it is working on my machine. This has delayed the evaluations however, I hope I can start them soon!

Made some small changes to the database and server. This because while reading my previous text I saw that I wanted to track which volunteers had actually received an read the notification, but I hadn’t put functionality in the web service and database providing this. So that has now been done. Now you can see which devices are notified, which volunteers read it and when and which of these volunteers actually arrive at the victim. Can be a handy tool when analyzing the evaluations.

Furthermore I have been writing, but haven’t found much inspiration. There is still a lot to do. I think I have around 30 pages of plain text now (35 with images and a couple of pages that are half full). I hope I will find more inspiration soon and that I can start with the evaluations.


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